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National Power Water-Proof Sealer


It is a kind of perfect primer that collects optimal waterproof function and maximum adhesion in one set. It can improve the adhesion with base, curing film and shorten the waiting time for project construction. Therefore, the application value of this product is far beyond simple waterproof category. It has extensive applicability.


Main usage

(1)Back cover for not completely dry and fully dry wall space.
(2)Back water partition for waterproof project, and waterproof and alkali resistance back cover for grassroots high alkaline metope.
(3)The best salt resistance primer for sea sand setting metope in coastal areas.


Performance characteristics

(1)The film has hydrophobic function.
(2)It is belong to cationic product, which can have alkali curing crosslinking reaction with alkaline basement and produce half permanent adhesion.
(3)It can form film even in damp basement and shorten the construction waiting period.
(4)It has strong alkali and salt resistance power, which is suitable for all kinds of high alkali and high salt metope.


Product features

Water solubility, half matt gloss, transparent, one component.


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