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National Power Excellent Adhesion Sealer

National power excellent adhesion sealer is developed and designed especially for coatings require high adhesion. It is also a kind of two component strong solvent finish.



It is a kind of two component oily sealer with excellent adhesion power and various excellent functions. In addition to various black cover functions, it has adhesion with base and press damp air function. It is especially developed and designed for smooth base and various two component strong solvent finishes.


Main usage

(1)It solves the problem of extremely smooth base, such as ceramic.
(2)It can be used together with all kinds of two component coatings, which has extremely high adhesion power and alkali resistant black cover function.
(3)It can be used for alkali resistant damp press black cover of all kinds of oily coatings and water coatings.


Performance characteristics

(1)It is two component black cover coating for special epoxy resin modified.
(2)Extremely high adhesion power (≥20fkg/cm2), which can attached to very smooth glazed brick up.
(3)Excellent alkali, salt and damp air resistant function.
(4)Good high load performance.


Product features

Solvent, glazed, transparent, two component.

Supporting solvent

National power diluent


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