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National Power Oily Alkali-Resisting Sealer

National power oily alkali-resisting sealer is a kind of solvent alkali resistant sealer. In addition to the strong alkali resistance power, it has good interlayer matching property. Since it has higher chemical stability, its environment sensitivity is low. Therefore, it has alkali and salt resistant power.



It is a kind of solvent alkali resistant sealer with higher covering power. It can be excellent matching with national power one component oily coatings.


Main usage

It is used together with national power all-weather oily exterior wall paint and other oily finish and have alkali resistance sealing effect.


Performance characteristics

(1)It is solvent product, which has good matching property with one component oily finish.
(2)It can ascend molecular density and enhance the blocking ability between sealer and grassroots alkaline materials.
(3)It has stronger adhesion power than ordinary water sealer.
(4)It has high chemical stability and strong alkali resistance; it is not sensible to alkaline materials.


Product features

Solvent, glazed, white, one component.


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