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National Power Two-Component Flexible Filler

It can cover the crack and ensure the adornment effect of surface decorative paint. Besides, it has protection effect on base, which is suitable for the smooth and finish treatment of high-grade metallic paint plane process and any other coatings.



It is a kind of flexible filler with flexibility and adhesion power.


Main usage

(1)It is widely used for large crack wall.
(2)It is especially suitable for the grassroots level processing of metallic paint and other gloss shine coatings.
(3)Other cracking wall
(4)It is not suitable for building structure crack.


Performance characteristics

(1)Strong adhesion power.
(2)Good dynamic cracking resistance (dynamic cracking resistance ≥0.3mm). It can effectively cover the turtle crack of metope.
(3)No shrinkage in drying processes. Smooth.
(4)Good workability.
(5)Strong waterproof.
(6)Level bite and smooth finish two kinds.
(7)Environmental protection.


Product features

Water solubility, two component, curing agent milky white liquid, it has level bite and smooth finish two kinds.


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