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National Power Oily Exterior Coating

It has the characteristics like: full film, stain resistance, durability and color retention, which is suitable for large scale use for real estate projects. It is the upgrading product for general exterior coating.



It is a kind of economical oily exterior paint, which has the characteristics like: low soot formation rate, full coating, 10 years of durability, high performance-price ratio, and suitable for large scale promote and use.


Main usage

It is suitable for large scale real estate project, and can fully replace the traditional exterior wall latex paint.


Performance characteristics

(1)Good air dust pollution resistance, durability and gloss retention.
(2)Smooth and hard film, which makes the dust can’t adhesion and the wall is long-term clean.
(3)Rich and full film, which is incomparable for other water-based latex paint.
(4)Its strong durability can long-term keep the brand image of property developers, and also extend the refurbished recoat interval time, which saving the cost.
(5)It is low cost, which brings direct economic benefits for real estate businessmen.


Product features

Solvent, glazed/matte, colorful, one component.


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