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National Power Weather Exterior Coating


It can adapt to all kinds of natural environment and has 12 years durability. Its cost is less than all-weather oily exterior wall paint. It is a kind of weather resistance exterior coating that specialized designed and developed for civic building and other non-chemical contact buildings.


Main usage

It is suitable for all kinds of non-chemical contact building interiors and exteriors, such as: apartment, villa, mansion, etc.


Performance characteristics

(1)High weather resistance and good light and color retention. It can stand fierce sunlight.
(2)Excellent waterproof, alkali resistance, acid proof.
(3)Excellent adhesive function and strong wash-resistant.
(4)It contains special bacteria resistant agent, which can prevent the growth of mould and algae in sub-tropical moist environment.


Product features

Water solubility, colorful, one component.


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