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HCPE Anticorrosive Painting


Various colors HCPE anticorrosive painting is produced by high chlorinated resin, modified resin, plasticizer, thixotropic agent, pigments and fillers, etc.



It has the characteristics like: solid film, good weather fastness and water resisting property, etc.


Technological index

Item Index Inspection standard
primer Finish
Appearance Gray Various colors GB1729
Drying time(25℃) Surface dry(h) ≤2 ≤2 GB1728
Hard dry (h) ≤24 ≤24
Adhesive power(Grade) 2 2 GB1720
Flexibility(mm) 1 1 GB1731
Impulse strength(kg·cm) 50 50 GB1732
Gloss Matt 10~30%(60℃)  



① Construction method: Construction method: The surface should be dry and clean before paint. Paint mixing: The paint should be stir well before use. Use special dilution agent dilution to applicable viscosity and then construction.
② It is ok to use flame plating, brush coating or airless spraying to do the construction.
③ Diluent: Use special dilution agent.
④ Supporting coating: Cloud iron chlorinated rubber intermediate paint, epoxy zinc rich primer, MIO epoxy primer.


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