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National Power High Compact Exterior Coating


It is a kind of oily exterior coating with 15 years durability. A. compact film, smooth and not easy for soot formation; b. network molecular structure and high chemical stability make this product has more than 12 years durability; c. chemical products resistant coating.


Main usage

(1)It is suitable for industrial workshop, aseptic biochemical chamber; caviling buildings where great climate temperature difference and heave air and environmental protection.
(2)It can become full function elastic coating system if used together with national power stratified high elastic coating.


Performance characteristics

(1)Smooth and full film can reach antifouling effect.
(2)Strong brushing resistance.
(3)Excellent color and light retention.
(4)Waterproof, alkali resistance, acid proof, etc.


Product features

Solvent, glazed/matte, colorful, two components.


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