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National Power Functional Construction Paint Series

Durable Chemical-Resisting Coating

Our products can meet the needs of decoration and protection of construction exterior wall.

In addition to the ordinary durable coating performances, these series products havethe chemical resistances function. It is not only suitable for the metope of civil buildings, but also suitable for all kinds of industrial factory building and metopes contact with chemicals. They has the characteristics like: chemical resistance and air dust pollution prevention.


National power durable chemical resisting coatings series products main characteristics comparison.

Product name Unique characteristics Molecular structure state Stain resistance index Durability (year)
National power high density oily exterior coating high density chemical resisting and dust pollution protection oily exterior coating with 15 years durability. multi-crosslink ≤5% 15
National power all-weather oily exterior protection coating all-weathering air dust pollution protection durable oily coating Single cross league linear ≤8% 12
National power oily exterior coating low soot formation rate, economic oily exterior coating Extrusion single cross league ≤10% 10


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