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National Power Functional Construction Paint Series

Metallic Color Coating

Directly spray metallic paint on building metope, not only show the technology level, but also promote the progress of this industry. It is both the unique representative and the original innovation.

National power’s metallic coating solves the fatal defects of traditional coating, such as poor waterproof and alkali resistance.

National power’s metallic coating solves the technical difficult problems of sheet metal ordered arrangement and suspended, which make the coating more metallic simple sense and uniform luster.


National power metallic coating series products main characteristics comparison.

Product name Unique characteristic Category Stain resistant index Durability(year)
National power durable metallic paint most durable metallic paint oily ≤5% 25
National power high density metallic paint high density and extremely low knot ash rate oily ≤5% 20
National power pearl spark water elastic metallic paint pearl spark effect water ≤15% 10
National power water elastic metallic paint send out metallic luster water ≤10% 10


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