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National Power Super Durable Fluorocarbon Elastic Coating


It is a water high elastic coating of high durability. It has more than 20 years durability and more than 100% high elasticity. It is the ideal preferred product for high-rise building and high-grade building. It is also suitable for chemical zones and building metopes with chemical pollution.


Main usage

(1)It is suitable for high-grade building that need not only high durability and crack cover.
(2)It is suitable for chemical zone and other metopes of chemical contact.


Performance characteristics

(1)High elastic function: The film has more than 100% high extension rate, which can ensure the integrity of coating appearance.
(2)Superior weather resistance. It has incomparable chemical stability and super durability.
(3)Good stain resistance: stain resistant index≤20. It has molecular cross linker compactness of fluorocarbon coatings, which is not owned by general elastic coating.
(4)Excellent chemical product resistance. Special molecular structure make the coating has excellent chemical product resistance.
(5)It has the characteristics like: salt resistant, mould proof, ventilate, water proof, etc.


Product features

Water solubility, glazed, colorful, thin/thick, one component.


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