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National Power Functional Construction Paint Series

Functional Elastic Coating

The newly developed thick film elastic coating can solve the shortages of traditional elastic coating, such as: poor pollution resistance, poor tensile strength, high temperature back stick and lose elasticity in low temperature, etc.

National power elastic coating has become the first choice of customers. No matter in whatever environment, there is always a kind of national power elastic paint suitable for you.


National power real stone series products main characteristics comparison.

Product name Unique characteristics Extensibility Stain resistant index Durability(year)
National power super durable fluorocarbon high elastic coating Most durable water high elastic coating ≥400% ≤20% 20
National power multi-functional core-shell high elastic coating Water high elastic coating with most multi-function in one set ≥484% ≤18% 10
National power heat resistance core-shell elastic coating The most stain resistant elastic coating using in high temperature areas ≥300% ≤10% 10
National power stratified high elastic coating Elastic intermediate paint with multiple layer compose excellent functions ≥500%    
National power generation II triad elastic coating Economic and mature cost-effective elastic coating ≥210% ≤22% 10
National power integration elastic coating the product that give full play to the elastic coating elastic value ≥280% ≤22% 10
National power stratified high elastic coating
with national power dense oil exterior wall paint produce full function stratified elastic combination
most elastic with most stain resistance combination ≥500% ≤5% 12


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