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National Power Natural Granite Coating


It has more actual texture than the traditional natural stone paint. It is the upgrading product of traditional natural stone paint. Since it has actual effect and light weight, it can overcome the shortage of dry-hanging stones. Besides, its durability is as long as 15 years.


Main usage

It is widely used in the wall of police, government and other various external thermal projects.


Performance characteristics

(1)It can fully perform the natural flake texture of granite.
(2)Don't add any printing ink. Not easy to fade away.
(3)Use polymer composite waterproof acrylic silicone emulsion as the adhesive system can ensure no efflorescence after long-term rain; not yellow with ultraviolet irradiation.
(4)Effectively block water into wall, prevent the alkaline material from precipitation and protect buildings from carbonization.
(5)Since it has the characteristics like: strong adhesive ability, weight less than stone, it is more suitable for the exterior insulation wall, thus to replace traditional stone material.


Product features

Water solubility, color, one component.


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