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National Power Functional Construction Paint Series

Our company adopts various leading technologies, adds more functions to the coatings to meet the various needs of architectures and help the architecture circle to solve various technological problems, which significantly improve the application value of real stone paint. Our unique leading technology not only makes various stone texture to vivid display, also solves the problems like construction difficulty and after construction problems.
My company’s professional technology has prepared different kinds of luxurious stone texture paints for users.


National power real stone series products main characteristics comparison.

Product name Unique characteristics Waterproof and whitening proof

Ultraviolet radiation resistant and resistance to yellow degeneration


National power granite texture real stone paint

Vividly display the granite texture

Superior Superior 15

National power durable natural real stone paint

durable Superior Superior 15
National power real stone power economic general general 10

National power roller coating real stone paint

Can show the effect of rough stone and fire stone slab

Superior Superior 15

National power finish free real stone paint

No need cover surface treatment, both labor saving and money saving

fine fine 10


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