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Various colors amino stoving enamel paint

Characteristics and usage

This paint is traditional industrial baking finish. It has the characteristics like: bright in colour, hard film, bright full, good flexibility, adhesive power, waterproof, oil resistance and weather resistance. It is used as colored opaque protection decorative coating for all kinds of light industrial products, electromechanical, instrument, toy and hardware tool.


Technological index

Item   Index
Film color and appearance no less than According with the standard and its color range, smooth
Viscosity(Coating-4,S ) no less than 40
Finenessμm no more than 20
Drying time(120℃,min) no less than 30
Gloss(%) no less than 90
shock resistance(cm)   40
Bleeding property   In addition to red and slight bleeding, other color is not bleeding.
Hard charging   HB
Bending test(mm) no more than 3
Heat resistance(150℃,1.5h)   Color and gloss have slightly change and have passed 10mm bent test.
Waterproof(40℃,24h)   No abnormalities.
Oil resistivity(4h)   No abnormalities.



①The products should be stored in ventilate and dry storeroom. Avoid from sun, combustion source and heat.
②From the production date, the effective storage period is one year. Exceed the storage period, it can still be used if it is in accordance with the requirements after inspection.


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