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Epoxy cement sealed primer


①Low viscosity, good permeability, good bonding force with cement surface.
②Humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, waterproof, oil resistance, good compatibility with finish.


Technological index

Item Index Inspection standard
Film color and appearance Rusty red or other colors GB1729-79
Drying time(25℃) Surface dry(h) 2 GB1728-79
Hard dry (h) 24
full cure (d) 7
Adhesive power(Grade) 1 GB1720-79
Impulse strength(kg.cm ) 50 GB1732-79
Flexibility(mm) 1 GB1731-79
Salt water resistance 72h,No rust GB1763-79



It can be used for concrete structure surface closed treatment. It can improve the bonding strength between concrete and other coatings.


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