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Epoxy zinc rich primer


It has the characteristics like: good water and oil resistivity, antirust, cathode protection, good compatibility with finish.


Technological index

Item Index Testing method
Film color and appearance   Matt 、Gray GB1729
Dosage Used for maintenance primer(g/m2) 85  
Antirust primer(g/m2) 280
Thickness of wet film Used for maintenance primer(μm ) 38  
Antirust primer(μm ) 120
Thickness of dry film Used for maintenance primer(μm ) 20  
Antirust primer(μm) 70
Drying time Surface dry(min) 30 GB1728
Hard dry (h) 24
full cure (d) 7
  Adhesive power(Grade) 1-2 GB1720
  Impulse strength(cm) 50 GB1732
  Flexibility(mm) 1-2 GB1731
  Salt spray test 500 hours No rust ASTMB117



It is widely used for corrosion protection of large steel structure of bridge, metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, shipbuilding, petroleum drilling, etc. The protective effect is good. It can also be used as shop maintenance low paint.


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