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Acrylate polyurethane high weather resistance finish


It has the characteristics like: film gloss bright, wear well, non-discolouring, good weather resistance, etc.


Technological index

Item Index Inspection standard
Film appearance smooth GB1729-79
Viscosity(Coating-4#viscosity cup)s 20-40 GB-1723-79
light colour> 36 GB1725-79
deep colour> 34  
Drying time Surface dry(h) ≤1 GB-1728-79
Hard dry (h) ≤24
Flexibility(mm) 1 GB1731-79
Adhesive power(Grade) 2 GB1720-86
shock resistance(kg·cm) 40 GB1732-79
Waterproof(soak48 hours ) No foam,no drop,Allow slight discoloration GB1733-79
petrol-resistance(soak48 hours ) No foam,no drop,Allow slight discoloration GB1734-79



It is suitable for the surface anti-corrosion decoration of the outdoor large steel structure of large and medium sized buses, truck, construction machinery, bicycle, electric fan, sewing machine, etc.


Storage and management

It should be stored in dry and cool environment, avoid from fire and heat. The storage period is half a year.


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