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Engineering machinery polyurethane anti-corrosion finish

It is used for the long-term anti-corrosion weather resistance protection of large steel structure construction, such as bridge, car, instrument and meter,etc.


① Good weather resistance, gloss retention and colour retention.
② Hard film, high gloss, good decorative.
③ Humity resistance, salt spray resistance, waterproof, excellent performance.
④ Chemical products resistance, oil resistance.
⑤ Good shock resistance and abrasive resistance.


Technological index

Item Index Inspection standard
Color and appearance Various colors, glazed, half matt gloss or matt. GB1729
Viscosity(Coating 4- cup) 40~80 GB1723
Fineness(μm) ≤30 GB1724
Flash point(℃) 27 GB1708
Cure time(25℃,min) 30  
Drying time(25℃) Surface dry(h) ≤2 GB1728
Hard dry (h) ≤24
Adhesive power(Grade) 1-2 GB1720
Flexibility(mm) 1 GB1731
Impulse strength(cm ) 50 GB1732
Salt water resistance 3% brine soak 96h and no change GB1763


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